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From The
Perth Courier
July 7, 1905.


  • Miss Sadie Brown has passed the Normal exams with honors.
  • Mr. James F. McLaren, Sinclair, Man., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Daniel McLaren, Drummond.
  • The first subscription deposited in the Bank of Montreal for the Old Boys and Girls Fountain was that of Mr. Thomas K. Ward, of Langston, Mich.
  • Those who availed themselves of the opportunity of attending the strawberry festival in Asbury lecture-room Tuesday evening were delighted with the programme.
  • The championship tournament of the Royal Canadian [Golf?] Association was brought to a close [in?] Toronto on Saturday. It was won by Cumming in 148. McLeod, of Perth, stood 16th with 166.
  • At a meeting of the Woman's Association of St. James' Church it was decided to hold a "Made in Canada" Fair in Perth the last week in October. A committee has been formed and arrangements made to get the work started at once.
  • A good part of the basement cellar for the new H.K. Wampole & Company building has been excavated, outside the drill-shed; inside that no work has yet been done except storing the sand taken from the outside. The foundation, when the hard-pan is reached, will be laid in cement; and the large extent of the building can be seen by following with the eye the lines of the foundation marked by preliminary excavations.
  • An attractive centre during "Old Home Week" was the I.O.F. tent near the basin on Gore Street, and a very welcome retreat it proved to many visitors. The tent stood four square to all the winds that blew and on the four walls appeared the magic triplet, I.O.F. The local court were at home to all visitors and made special and successful effort to entertain. They were assisted by Organizer Wands and Supt. of Field Work Mitchell. Over 500 visitors called on Saturday.
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