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1905 Old Home Week - return to table of contents

From The
Perth Courier
May 12, 1905.

"C" to "F" NAMES

           Names are in the order published, which is more or less alphabetical. This is the last of the "C" through "E" names. "F" names continue in the next list. One "A", "H", "M" and two "W" names noted in this list.
(Continued from last week)
[First 3 repeated from end of previous list, 1st. with changes]
Cannan Curroy, Nossford, Wood Co., Ohio.
Mrs. Thos. Cassidy, Frelicksburg, Quebec.
Lucy Canton, 476 Front Ave, Syracuse, N.Y.
Frank Cosgrove, Buckingham, Que.
Mac. J. Cameron, 35 York St., Ottawa.
Mrs. John Campbell, 383 Elgin Ave., Winnipeg.
Albert Campbell, Prescott.
Frank Cowie, Almont, Ont.
Wm. Cowie, Morden, Man.
Isaac Cowie, Winnipeg.
Isaac Cowie, Ottawa.
Robert Cowie, Ottawa.
Mrs. Annie Crosbie, 89 Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N.Y.
Wm. Cooper, Havelock, Ont.
Mrs. E. Carey, Swan Lake, Man.
J.M. Campbell, 726 W. 63rd. Court, Chicago.
J.A. Campbell, 52 Leith St., Ballarat, Australia.
W.H. Cuthbertson, Blackburn Hotel, Westminster Ave., Vancouver.
James Cuthbertson, Palo Alta, Cal.
Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Closs, 147 Rupert St., Winnipeg.
D.S. Campbell, No. 9, Second St., Kingston.
Florence Cordick, 167 King St., Kingston.
Jessie Condie, Beachburg, Ont.
James Cairns, Chesley, Ont.
Frank Crosbie, Cornwall.
Samuel Crosbie, Cornwall.
Gilbert Crosbie, Malone, N.Y.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Crawford, Smith's Falls.
Mrs. P.C. Catlin, 12 Blossom St., Chelsea, Mass.
I.R. Carmichael, Timekeeper, G.T.R., Barrie.
Jno. R. Carmichael, 4 Platt St., Montreal.
P.W. Campbell, Forest, Ont.
Pearl Cumming, 58 Preston St., Montreal.
Mrs. Wm. Coutts, Clay Bank, Ont.
Mrs. Jas. Cummings, Windsor, Ont.
Arthur Cairns, Renfrew, Ont.
Mrs. Vena Code, High Bluff, Man.
Mrs. C. Crick, Calgary, Ontario [sic].
John Clyne, 103 Nelson St., Ottawa.
Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Carey, 103 Nelson St., Ottawa.
Mrs. John Coughlan, Merril, Mich.
Jas. Currie, Smith's Falls.
Mr. & Mrs. H. Chaplin, Smith's Falls.
Mrs. D. Cameron, Smith's Falls.
Mrs. And. Caswell, Maple Creek, N.W.T.
Wesley Clarke, Smith's Falls.
J.G. Caswell, Strathcona, Man.
Mrs. Jas. Carleton, Camden, N.Y.
Mrs. A.C. Carruthers, Midland, Ont.
John J. Cameron, Bay City, Mich.
Mrs. Chas. Cato, Brockville.
G.W. Castle, Westport.
Mrs. T.P. Castle, Westport.
Mr. & Mrs. John Cameron, Calvin, N. Dakota.
W.G. Dowson, Lindsay, Ont.
Jas. Dick, North Bay.
Major Jno. W. Douglas, Shelburne.
Judge John Deacon, Pembroke.
Judge Thos. Deacon, Pembroke.
Jas. Deacon, Brockville.
Rev. Father Duffus, Kingston.
H.G. Duffield, Moosejaw, N.W.T.
Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Allan, 166 Jessie Ave., Winnipeg.
Miss Wilson, 166 Jessie Ave., Winnipeg.
Fred Devlin, 45 Smith Building, Watertown, N.Y.
Lou Dobin, Peterboro.
Nor. Dittrick, 7 River Ave., Montreal.
Miss S. Drysdale, Krugersdorp, The Transval, South Africa.
C.H. Devlin, Cor. 11 & Wyandott St., Kansas City.
Neil Donnelly, Sharbot Lake.
J.A. Duffy, Saltown, Asa.
Samuel Dixon, Prince Albert, N.W.T.
John Davis, Zealand, Ont.
Richard Doran, White, Ont.
Jas. Dickson, Blairmore, Man.
S.S. Dickson, Lumsden, Asa.
Wm. Duffy, Sharbot Lake.
M.A. Drennan, Binghamton, N.Y.
A.C. Drummond, Bank of Montreal, Guelph, Ont.
W.A. Dennison, Queens Hotel, Barrie, Ont.
S.S. Dickson, Packenham.
Mrs. Dubey, 805 North 2nd. St., Saginaw, East side, Michigan.
W.J. Dunoon, Lindsay, Ont.
W.G. Dial, 15 Peter St., Ottawa.
Robt. Denchman, Gorrie, Ont.
Mrs. John H. Day, Gorrie, Ont.
Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Donegan, South K. St., Faconio, Wash.
F.C. Donnelly, Dobbie, Barrie Co. [Wis.].
Mrs. Blake Clark Duncan, Brantford.
Dr. R.W. Davidson, Brockville.
George Drysdale, Kenosha, Wis.
Brookes Dixon, Almonte.
Herb. Dunn, Brockville.
Michael Dixon, Almonte.
Michal Dobson, Pembroke.
A. Devlin, Pembroke.
Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Whelan, Pembroke.
Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Devlin, Carleton Place.
P.L. Drysdale, Box 128 Grand Forks, Dakota.
Gertrude Dewitt, 1064 Washington Bldg., Chicago.
Thos. Devlin, Arcata, Cal.
Rachel Devlin, Osceola, Ont.
Charles Devlin, Pembroke.
Jas. Dewitt, Tilbertsville, Mass.
Jas. F. Davis, 154 Ellem St., Winnipeg.
Ed. Doughtery, Peterboro.
Mr. & Mrs. H. MacDonald, Sinclair Station, Man.
Chas. H. Dodds, Elm Creek, Man.
Dr. Drysdale, Nanaimo, B.C.
Michael Doughtery, Inkster, N. Dakota.
Robert Dittrick, 2112 Tenth St., Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Alex. Dodds, Hamilton, N. Dakota.
Pat Doyle, Station B., Seattle, Wash.
Wm. Dittrick, 1816 Cherry St., Erie, Pa.
Michael Furlong, Boonerlle, N.Y.
S.S. Davidson, Davidson, Minn.
Geo. Dion, Perkins Mills, Que.
Dr. Davidson, Bellesive, Montreal.
Annie Dwyre, Tamworth, Ont.
Dr. C.L. Davidson, Box 390, New Castle, Nebraska.
P.C. Dowdall, Almonte.
Ed. Dowdall, Winnipeg.
Mrs. Dennison, c/o Col. Dennison, Toronto.
J.H. Doxles, 81 Regert St., Toronto.
Mrs. J.J. Doomer, Eveleth, Minn.
Mrs. D.W. Downey, Brockville.
Miss Ducett, 127 Mutual, Toronto.
Mrs. John Denholm, Blyth, Ont.
Mrs. P. Donegan, 538 Talbot St., London, Ont.
John J. Doyle, Dawson City, Yukon Ter.
Thos. Doyle, Dawson City, Yukon Ter.
Mr. & Mrs. T. Donnelly, Dobie, Wis.
Mrs. Frank Dagg, Holland, Man.
Michael Dunn, (Phalen House) Hayward, Wis.
Emmett Doherty, Peterboro.
M. Dunlop, 684 Albert St., Ottawa.
Jno. Dulmage, Almonte.
Daniel J. Doyle, Shelburne, Dufferin Co., Ont.
Harry & Mrs. Donnelly, 243 Frontenac St., Montreal.
Wm. Drysdale, Vankleek Hill.
Willie Dickson, Bank of Ottawa, North Bay.
Frank Dean, Merchants' Bank, Belleville.
Geo H. Devlin, 193 James St., Ottawa.
Alfred Drew, Rockford, Ill.
Mrs. James Daniel, Windsor.
Wm. & Mrs. Dobbie, Pincher Creek, Alta.
R. Dobbie, Pincher Creek, Alta.
Mrs. John J. Dier, Westport (Mountain).
James Doyle, 19 Central St., Watertown, N.Y.
Ed. P. Doyle, Smith's Falls.
Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Dixon, Malton, Ont.
Michael Dunne, Hayward, Wis.
Jno. E. Dougherty, Radensburg, Montana.
P.J. Dougherty, Inkster, N.D.
E.A.C. Eley, North Bay.
Judge Ed. Elliott, 783 Wellington St., London.
Ernest Elliott, Edmonton.
Robt. Elliott, Melita, Man.
A. Elliott, Badaxe Co., Huron, Mich.
W.C. Elliott, 90 Sparks St., Ottawa.
Mr. & Mrs. Robt. Elliott, Lacombe, Alta.
Maurice J. Enright, 889 Clinton St., Millwaukee, Wis.
Wm. M. Enright, Helena, Montana.
Edward Enright, Port Colborne, Ont.
Miss Gertie Elliott, Boston, Mass.
Norman F. Elliott, Strathcona, Alta.
Milton Elliott, Sandwich, Ont.
Mrs. John Elliott, Forest, Ont.
L. Earle, 192 Spadina Ave., Toronto.
Miss Ewing, Edmonton.
John Ennis, Sarnia.
Mrs. John Elliott, Pakenham.
Geo. W. Elliott, Dawson City, Yukon Ter.
Mrs. S. Evans, 64 Desrocher St., Montreal.
The Misses Erly, Barrie, Ont.
Edna Erly, Inverhuron, Ontario.
Robert Elliott, Nelson, B.C.
John J. Ennis, Innisfall, N.W.T.
John Eddington, Wolsley, Assa.
Miss Hamilton, Cor. Nelson & Simour Sts, Vancouver.
Mrs. S. Evans, 64 Dourcher, Montreal.
Geo. C. Elliott, 531 Gilmour St., Ottawa.
W.W. Field, Montreal.
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fisher, Forest, Ont.
J.H. Field, Chicago.
Robert (J.P.) Fleak, Sarnia.
Bernard Farrell, Butte, Montana.
Jas. Foote, Nelson, B.C.
Edith Farrell, Merrickville.
Gertrude Farrell, Cornwall.
Miss C. Earle Fraser, Calgary, N.W.T.
Wm. Fuller, Appleton, Ont.
Wm. Freeman, Phillipsville, Ont.
Fonsie Farrell, Cranbrook Hotel, Cranbrook, B.C.
John Forsythe, Cedar Hill, Ont.
Kate Forrest, Clayton, Ont.
Jas. A Facer, 4941 Royal St., Nicetown, Philadelphia.
Mr. & Mrs. Hy. Fournier, Woodlawn, Oregon.
George Foster, 62 Littell Ave, Buffalo, N.Y.
Miss M. Fair, 358 N. Main St. Pittston, Pa.
M.L. Foley, Dawson City.
H.B. Free, 514 North 4th St., Grand Forks, N.D.
John H. Foley, Russell P.O., Russell Co.
Thos. Fowler, Portage la Prairie, Man.
W.T. Forde, Huntsville.
J.H. Fleming, Kincardine.
A.J. Fraser, Dept. of Interior, Ottawa.
Mr. & Mrs. John Fitzsimons, 1514 N. Troy St., Logan Sq., Chicago.
Thos. Flett [no address].
Lester Flett [no address].
Jasper Farrell, Learmouth, Washington Ter.
Harry Flumerfelt, Calgary.
Fred Frizelle, 11 Bouerecour St., Montreal.
Mrs. John Foy, Eganville.
Martin Foy, Springfield, Minn.
Wm. Finlay, Carleton Place.
Alex. Ferrier, Inscola, Mich.
Miss Mary Ferrier, 404 Brock St., Kingston.
Jas. L. Ferrier, Edmonton.
Michael Foy, Cloyne.
Mr. & Mrs. John Fitch, 29 Irving St., Toledo, Ohio.
John R. Fry, Lakewood, Ocouto Co., Wis.
Miss Mary Fields, Cape Vincent, N.Y.
John Fields, Cape Vincent. N.Y.
Miss Helen Foley, Holland, Man.
Mrs. H.D. Fraser, 184 Carlton St., Toronto.
Lloyd Ferguson, C.P.R., Havelock.
Miss M. Fidler, Pembroke.
Daniel Fisher, Wyoming, Ont.
J.G. Forgie, Pembroke.
Mrs. T.A. Farrell, 807 Townsend St., Syracuse.
Mrs. Frank Faro, Everett, Washington Ter.
Mr. & Mrs. H. Findlay, Wapella, Assa.
Mrs. M.C. Finen, 34 St. Louis Ave, Chicago.
Mrs. Minnie Findlay, 701 Broderick St., San Francisco.
Geo Falls, Lawrence, Mass.
Geo. Falls, Watertown, N.Y.
Mrs. J. Frennell, Trenton.
Miss Eva Ferguson, McGregor, Man.
John Fisher, Carleton Place.
Thos. Farrell, 807 Townsend St., Syracuse.
Ed. Foley, 1003 Summit Ave., St. Paul.
Thos Farrell, East 8th St., North Woodlawn, Portland, Ore.
Hy. Eormia [sic], East 8th St., North Woodlawn, Portland, Ore.
J.M. Ferrier, Richmond, Ont.
A.B. Farmer, 750 Bathurst St., Toronto.
Wm. Farmer, Arnprior.
Ed. Farmer, Arnprior.
John Farmer, Arnprior.
Samuel Farmer, Arnprior.
Donald Fraser, Victoria, B.C.
Rev. J.S. Farmer, Brantford, Ont.
Ab. France, Almonte.
Clarence Ferguson, Blairmore, Alta.
Thos Foster [no address].
James Foster, 16 Apple St., Cleareland[sic], Ohio.
Alf. Fairburn, Brockville.
Frank Fairburn, Brockville.
Dr. A.C. Fairburn, Minneapolis, Minn.
Wm. Fairburn, Blain, Washington Ter.
Jas. Flintoft, Sheriff of Lambton, Sarnia.
John K. Fairburn, Weston, Ont.
Dan Fisher, Brigden.
Mrs. Geo. Fletcher, Jamestown, N.D.
Mrs. D.H. Fowler, New Rockford, N.D.
W.G. Ferguson, 154 Macdonnell Ave., Toronto.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Farrell, Midland.
Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Francis, Albany, Wis.
Kate Fay, Queen St., Almonte.
Herb. Flumerfelt, c/o Lew Dockstader's Minstrels, New York.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Fidler, Pembroke.
H.R. Ferrier, 9 Thistle Ave., Montreal.
James Ferguson, Mallory, Minn.
Robert Finlayson, Broadview, N.W.T.
A.W. Fairburn, Barnet, B.C.
The Misses Flood, 522 Sheridan Ave., Saginaw.
Mr. & Mrs. T.R. Foster, Tara, Ont.
Miss Sarah E. Ferguson, South Qu'Appelle, Assa.
J.R. Fair, Millwood, Man.
Jas. Fair, Spruce Creek, Man.
Geo. Farmer, Red Deer, Alta.
W. Ferrier, High River.
Dan Fraser, Law Chambers, Victoria, B.C.
Michael Furlong, Booneville, N.Y.
Mrs. D.H. Fowler, Booneville, N.Y.
L. Freeman, Hot Springs, S.D.
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