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Whimsy, etc.

This is a collection of whimsical articles, poetry and whatever... submitted by website users and gleaned from various other sources.

The Census Taker

A Genealogical poem taken from the Internet.

The Sences Taker

If the poem above put a lump in your throat, this short article may put a lump on your head when you fall to the floor laughing.

Some Creative Cemetery Inscriptions

Taken from the Internet.

I Want

By Barbara A. Brown. A Genealogical want list with which most people can identify. This is a LINK to the article on the International Internet Genealogical Society website, so please bookmark this page or use the "BACK" function of your web browser to return here.

Life in 1600

Taken from the Internet.

Murphy's Law for Genealogists

Taken from the Internet.

Now What Do I Do With All Of This Stuff?

This article sure made me think! What will happen to your priceless research when you die?

The Will of Herman Obelweiss

Supposedly a real will from Anderson County, Texas.

Perth Lads Triumph in The Cradle of Jazz By Arlene Stafford, from the LCGS newsletter, February & March, 1999. A touching story of why a family of Stafford children went to New Orleans and Atlanta. Surnames mentioned: BOLAND, CARDIFF, FINNER, FRENCH, McCOY, McDONALD, McGARRY, McGRATH, McKEAN, MOONEY, STAFFORD, STEWART.