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Submitter: Ron W. Shaw
LCGS Membership #: #880
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Surname of Person: Lockhart
Time Period: 19th Century - Lanark County & beyond

Seeking descendents of William Lockhart (c1835-1873) and Isabella Armour (1838-1881) through their children; (i) Margaret b. Dunbarton 1861; (ii) Mary b. Dunbarton 1863; (iii) William b. Dunbarton 1864; (iv) Isabella b. Dunbarton 1866; (v) John b. Dunbarton 1867; (vi) Christina b. Govan 1869; (vii) Robert Bryson b. Govan 1871; (viii) Colin Sinclair b. Govan 1872. Following the death of father William in an industrial accident at Mansell & Aitken Ship Yard in 1873 and the death of mother Isabella in 1881 the three youngest children (Christina, Robert & Colin) were “taken into care” by Quarrier Homes and then shipped as British Home Children (BHC) to Canada in 1884. The older children were deemed capable of caring for themselves. Christina last found Montreal, Canada in 1901 census, Robert probably married and may have died in California USA, Colin died 1949 unmarried in Saskatchewan Canada. No trace of the other siblings. Mother Isabella was probably descended from a McAuslane/Smith marriage through John McAuslane (b.c1760) & Isabella Freeland (b.c1791), and William Armour (b.c1810) and Margaret McAuslane (b.1811).

Date submitted: 30 May 2009

Submitter: Joan Finlayson
LCGS Membership #: #601
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Surname of Person: Lang or Long or Laing
Time Period: 1780-1880 in Bathurst Twp

Researching: Lang or Long or Laing, Mary from 1780-1880 in Bathurst Twp. Seeking information on Mary Lang/Long/Laing born in Newfoundland or NB; married james Quigley of Glengarry Light Infantry; chirdren James, Mary, Thomas, Phillip, John L, Margaret. Documentation of date and place of birth; names and places of births of parents

Date submitted: 30 Jan 2010

Submitter: Shane Lee
LCGS Membership #: #997
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Surname of Person: Lee
Time Period: 1850-1900 in Bathurst Twp

I have researched the family of John Lee (1828-1868) and Catherine Freeman (1828-1909) for many years, most likely finding all that I ever will. I figured it was time for a last ditch effort to request if anyone had pictures of John or Catherine, or any of their children. The children are : William (1852-1927 Bathurst), James (1853-1914 Tacoma, WA), Mary Ann (1857-1906 Saskatchewan), John Patrick (1859-1950 Tacoma), Jennie (1861-1903 St. Paul), Margaret (1863-1922 St. Paul), Bridget 1865-1935 Calabogie). The children were all born in Bathurst, with most of them leaving the Lanark area by 1885 with the exception of William and Mary Ann. I do have a picture of James and one potential one of Mary I am sharing with LCGS.

Date submitted: 2 Mar 2012

Image 2253 is James Lee circa 1886-1889. He was the son of John Lee and Catherine Freeman, born 15 Jul 1853 in Bathurst. James moved to St Paul, MN in 1879 and became a famous street contractor there, before continuing his trade in Tacoma WA beginning in 1890. In WA, he built many projects with Major Edward Bowes. who later went on to become the most famous radio personality of his time.




The image Mary Lee (small) is alleged to be Mary Ann Lee, James' sister. She was born 13 Jan 1857 in Bathurst. She married Edward Kerr Wilson in the 1870's and had 12 children in the area by 1901. The family moved to Conquest, SK, where she died in 1906.