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Name: J.A. Fergusson, 16860 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99516 USA
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Lanark County SURNAME- Fergusson or Ferguson.
Robert B. Fergusson, MD, 1830-1890; married Margaret McCallum Caldwello
Robert B. Fergusson (or Ferguson), July 3, 1839 to Jan 7, 1890; Lanark.

NAME: Robert A. Jackman
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Lanark County SURNAME- Jean Baptiste Fournier
Period: 1816 to the present
Arrived in Lanark County from Quebec in 1816. Discharged from the Canadian Fencibles. His wife Magdelaine Desjarlais. His Daughter Licette

NAME: Robert A. Jackman
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Lanark County SURNAME- Edward Farrell
Period: 1817 to the present
Details: Arrived in Lanark County in 1817 from Co. Wicklow, Ireland. He appeared to be a widower. A later record shows his wife to be elizabeth Leonard. His son George married Bridget O"Keefe.

Name: Valerie Ann Earl, 17 Park View Drive, Hingham, MA, 02043 USA
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Researching: my husband's great grandfather, Reverend William Fleming. We know very little about William's parents and family, despite the fact that the family kept a good record of many family stories. It seems that William left home and never turned back, leaving very little about his family.
1. We would like to establish for a fact that William's parents were Richard and Mary Fleming of Beckwith Township, and if so, learn more about that family in Canada and possibly in Ireland. William told of the crossing from Ireland to Canada. He would have been too young to remember most of the story so I am guessing it was a family tale of the epic journey. William also said he walked quite a distance to school and that in the winter his mother would precede him through the snow to make a path. The Diocese of Ontario has a record that shows William was born in County Carlow, Ireland. They have some information about William because he became a Church of England Missionary Priest.
2. Is there a land document for Beckwith Township, Concession 4, lot 15? This is where the Richard Fleming family farmed. Such a record, I hope, will confirm that the family came from County Carlow, Ireland.
The facts we do know have led me to believe he was the son of Richard Fleming, a farmer in Beckwith township.
1. We have been told by the Diocese of Ontario that William Fleming was from "Beckworth" near Ottawa. Since there doesn't seem to be a "Beckworth" township, I have gone on the assumption that they meant "Beckwith".
2. The 1851 Canadian Census shows there is a son named William, born in Ireland, who is one of the children of Richard and Mary Fleming, and he has the appropriate birth date. He is the only child born in Ireland.
3. In 1855, the same year William began studies at Trinity College, Richard Fleming died.
4. No 1861 Canadian Census record.
5. We have records of his marriages, children (history summary available) and also some letters he wrote from his parish to the Diocese of Ontario that have been provided by the Diocese of Ontario. He was an outspoken missionary priest.
6. It seems from the family album, that in the early years of his ministry, he was an acquaintance of John Strachan and John Travers Lewis.
7. The family tree on rootsweb lists all of Richard Fleming's children, including William, but gives no further information about Williams's descendants or death as it does for all of the others, which would correspond with the assumption that he left home and did not keep contact (I am guessing this is very unusual for those times).
Many of the details seem to point to the fact that Reverend William Fleming was the son of
Richard Fleming. Does anyone have any further details to collaborate with this research?