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Submitted and transcribed by Carol Billingham.

Carol Billingham says about these letters:
           "Most of the family tree that I have as well as these letters originally came, I believe, from a D. G. Dick who was a Notary Public in and for the Province of British Columbia. His work is dated the 30th of March, 1917. Credit must be given to him."

NEW John Dick to his uncle, 1821
He writes of the death of his father soon after arriving in Canada. Surnames include: DICK, YOUNG.
NEW James Dick to his uncle, 1822
He writes of the hardships the family suffered after arriving in Lanark. Surnames include: ADAMS, BELL, BRICE, BROWN, BRYCE, FERGUSON, JOHNSTON, KIDD, MUNGAL, OLIVER, SHAIRP, WEIR, WILSON, YOUNG.
NEW James Dick to his uncle, 1825
He writes about how well settled and happy they are. Surnames include: ANDERSON, BROWN, BRYCE, DICK, DUNCAN, KIDD, MARSHALL, MUIR, MUNGAL, SCOBBIE, STEAD, WALLACE, YOUNG.
NEW Robert Dick "to relatives and friends", 1887
Robert Dick, a brother of John and James, is a preacher and seems to live in Buffalo. He describes a long trip to Ontario and then through the US and Canadian mid-west, visiting relatives and friends. Surnames include: ANDERSON, BARTLETT, BROWNLEE, CAMPBELL, DICK, McFARLAND, SMITH, WALKER.