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By Ken Godfrey

This article is from the LCGS newsletter, May, 1996.

           During my Feb 19/96 visit to the Archives of Ontario in Toronto, I chanced to discover a collection of 270 old "gelatin print" photos listed in their index. I subsequently went to the second floor (where old maps and photos are stored) and requested the 4 albums listed under file numbers C224-0-0-16 to -19. It seems that the unknown photographer ranged over a good part of southern Ontario during the late 1800s and early 1900s, and following are some of my notes on the photo numbers and a brief description, should any of our members be interested in obtaining a copy for themselves. (These are produced by making another photo, and are $8.85 each plus tax.)

Box B-716 - Album #1
Early numbers prior to 20 - several photos of Dalhousie Lake
20 - Geddes saw mill, Mississippi River
31 - Log chute (or timber slide), High Falls, Mississippi River
38 - Boys in old style swim suits playing leap-frog
39/40/41 - Canoe race, possibly in Mississippi River at Carleton Place
42 - Pipe band in parade, possibly on Perth main street
48 - Railroad engine, with large funnel
58 - Beautiful photo of an Ojibway papoose
80 - YMCA basketball team - 1905 (where?)

Box B-717 - Album #2
In this box there is a separate envelope of about 25 5"x7" photos of the Canada Gold Mine Co., Shoal Lake, 1896.
7 - Ringling Bros. Circus Show - elephant parade on a main street. The shops in the background are (from r.): Jas. Dow, Jeffrey Bros., J.L. Bradshaw, R. White and Co. (My guess is that it was taken in Stratford, Ont.)
16/17/18 - Sunday school picnic at Blakeman's Woods (Stratford?)
21 - Stratford Collegiate Institute
24 - St. Mary's Quarry - 6 ladies in photo
33 - 36 - Monteith's wood
37 - 41 - Girl's basketball team - 1903 (where?)
63 - A family in a gazebo
64 - Girl, with doll in crib
67 - Reception for Lord and Lady Minto, Stratford C.I. - 1903
84/85 - Male photo-club outing

Box B-178 - Album #3
1 - Muskoka wharf
7 - Steamer "Medora" at dock, with train engine #810 alongside
10-12 - Canoe trippers
15 - Small canal lock (possibly at Port Carling)
16 - Lovely photo of "Medora" steaming on lake with flags flying

Box B-178 - Album #4
5 - Christy's Lake, picnic group
7 - Christy's Lake, sandy beach
15 - Saw mill at Carleton Place
16 - Mississippi River at Carleton Place (looks like below the old Bates and Innis Bridge)
18 - Camp of tents on Mississippi Lake
19 - Ebbs Bay
20 - Tay River
21/22 - Otty Lake (from Farmer's and from Kenyon's)
24 - Otty Lake - Watt's shore
25/26 - Otty Lake - Watt's cottage
27 - Otty Lake - Ruby Island
28 - Otty Lake - Farmer's cottage and family
34 - Otty Lake - Mary Miller's
38 - Otty Lake - "Tommy" (young boy on a bike)
39 - "Dewey" pet dog sitting in a cane chair
40 - Farmyard shot of sheep, dated Jan 1, 1900
44 - Warehouses at Depot Harbour, near Parry Sound
47 - Hole in the Wall, near Parry Sound
48 - Grain elevator at Depot Harbour
49 - Parry Sound Lumber Co. sawmill
54 - A 3-storey hotel at Depot Harbour

           There is also a collection of fiche cards, with small positive film pieces which can be viewed. I was lucky enough to find one of special interest to me (Acc. 4915, S7447) dated 1909, Carleton Place. Although it was unidentified in their records, I recognized it to be the former high school on High Street, which was known as the Prince of Wales School when I attended Grades 3- 8 there between 1950 and 1955. It was torn down to make way for a seniors' home.

           Also, I was visiting my aunt Marjorie (Gilmour) Coulter recently, and looking through some of my grandmother's (Rose Gilmour) photo albums, when I saw some which my aunt said I could have. These are of some of her class-mates and teachers of the OLC (Ottawa Ladies College) which my grandmother attended in 1904 at age 23.

           If any of our members recognize the following names as relatives, and would like a copy of the photo, they can contact me at All photos were originally taken by "Topley, Ottawa".

Teachers: Anna Ross - Principal; Mrs. MacFarlane - teacher; Miss Kier, Ottawa - stenography teacher; Students: Blanche Lindsay, Kars; Susie Sutherland, Lillie Lunam and her sister; Ethel V. Kerr, Montreal; Edna Guthrie; Sybil Hackett; Fern Kerr; Geraldine Craig/Gertrude Ferguson, Renfrew; Elsie Tye (later to be Mrs. Thomas); Elva Jardine.

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