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Transcribed by Charles Dobie.

           These Bibles are owned by a member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society. The transcription of the first Bible is taken from eight photocopied pages of entries. The pages are ornately engraved pages, evidently from a Bible, but there is no indication as to the Bible's age, etc. Although the pages are arranged in two column style, the entries have all been made across the page ignoring the centre column rule.

           The entries for the second Bible are all handwritten on blank pages, with no sign of typeset text.



// First page

                   This Certifies

                  That the Rite of

             H O L Y   M A T R I M O N Y


Herbert Charles Chapman of Carleton Place

and Elizabeth Glover Pattie of Carleton Place

on July 29th 1891  at Carleton Place

By Rev. A. A. Scott

                      Annie L. Glover
                      Albert E. Cram.

// Second Page

Edward Pattie Chapman of Ottawa &
Beatrice May Sanderson of Ottawa
Married at Ottawa, Nov. 22nd 1919.

J. Arthur Maguire of Carleton Place, Ont. &
Florence Eva Chapman of Carleton Place, Ont.
Married at Carleton Place, Oct. 22nd 1924

Troye Perkins of Bristow, Oklahoma, U.S.A. &
Mary Loucinda [sic] Chapman, of Carleton Place, Ont.
Married at Sommerville, Mass. March 28th 1927.

William Herbert Chapman of Darien, Conn. and
Dorothy Waterbury Reading of Darien, Conn, USA
  at Darien, on June 12, 1937.

William Foreit of Darien, Connecticut, and
Mary Lucinda [sic] Chapman of Darien, Conn.
   at              on June 25, 19

// Third Page


David MacKenzie Hayman of Ottawa, and
Barbara Annette Pattie Chapman of Ottawa
Married at Ottawa on May 20, 1948.

Gordon Herbert Merkley of Ottawa, and
Rosemary Elizabeth Maguire of Ottawa.
Married at Ottawa on September 5, 1953.

John Arthur Maguire of Ottawa, and
Shirley Anne Stephens of Kingston,
Married at Kingston, December 21, 1957.

William Louis Luken II of Bridgeport, Conn.
Marjorie Adelaide Chapman of Darien, Conn.
at Noronton, Conn. on October 6, 1973.

Philip Sanderson Hayman of Ottawa, and
Sarah Laura Ryan of Chapleau, Quebec
at Chapleau, on October 17, 1981.

// Fourth Page


Peter John Maguire of Ottawa and
Patricia Jane Earl of Jasper, Ont.,
     Married at Ottawa, December 3, 1983

G. Scot Pepper of Ottawa, and
Arlene Beatrice Hayman of Ottawa
     at Ottawa on September 28, 1985 (divorced)

Stephen Thomas Maguire of Ottawa, and
Sheila Lynn MacLeod of Ottawa,
     at Ottawa on July 12, 1986.

Joseph David Michel Bonneau of Mississauga, &
Catherine Mary Maguire of Ottawa,
     at Kingston, Ont. on May 23, 1987.

Peter James Anderson of Ottawa, and
Arlene Beatrice Hayman of Ottawa,
     at Ottawa, on July 2, 1988.

// Fifth Page


Joseph Rolland Daniel André Morin of
    St. George, Beauce, Quebec, and
Elizabeth Jean Merkley of Kingston, Ont.
Married at Kingston on July 30, 1994.

Russell Andrew Schedler of Ottawa, and
Sheila Marie Maguire of Ottawa,
at Ottawa, on October 5, 1995.

// Sixth Page


Herbert Charles Chapman   March 16th - 1867
Elizabeth Glover Pattie
               Chapman    November 13th  1869
Edward Pattie Chapman     June 24th - 1892
Mary Lucinda Chapman      September 30th - 1894
Alan Ayerst Chapman       February 5th - 1897
Florence Eva Chapman      April 3rd - 1899
Charles Herbert Chapman   March 26th - 1901
William Herbert Chapman   September 20th - 1908
Barbara Annette Pattie Chapman May 20th 1920
Rosemary Elizabeth Maguire  April 21st 1926
John Arthur Chapman Maguire March 31st 1928
Marjorie Adelaide Chapman  September 22, 1946
David Chapman Hayman  March 31, 1953
Philip Sanderson Hayman  May 9, 1955
Arlene Beatrice Hayman  March 10, 1960
Peter John Maguire       May 21, 1960
Elizabeth Jean Merkley   August 5, 1961 (adopted)
Catherine Mary Maguire    March 29, 1962
Stephen Thomas Maguire    May 4, 1964

// Seventh Page


Kenneth Gordon Merkley      April 7, 1966 (adopted)
Sheila Marie Maguire        March 11, 1970
Dorothy Waterbury Luken     November 5, 1977
William Louis Luken III     October 24, 1981
Stephen David Maguire       June 29, 1987
Jane Elizabeth Maguire      November 22, 1987
Christopher Peter John Maguire   October 12, 1988
Natalie Arlene Anderson     May 3, 1989
John Douglas Maguire        October 13, 1990
Rachel Jade Anderson        December 30, 1990
Erica Rebecca Anderson      March 2, 1993
David Anthony Bonneau       February 27, 1994
Evan Alexander Bonneau      February 12, 1996
Katarina Yasmine Elizabeth Morin   July 17, 1996
Cassidy Olivia Kiersten Morin    October 8, 1998 at Cold Lake Alberta.

// Eighth Page


Charles Herbert Chapman     May 2nd 1901
Herbert Charles Chapman     October 28th 1918
Edward Pattie Chapman - August 25th 1920
Elizabeth Glover Pattie Chapman. November 20th 1927
John Arthur Maguire     November 1, 1954
William Herbert Chapman  October 27, 1964
Alan Ayerst Chapman      June 6, 1969
Mary Lucinda Chapman     October 15, 1972
William Foreit                     , 1972
Florence Evangeline Chapman  October 2, 1978
Dorothy Waterbury Reading   November 5, 1979
Beatrice May Sanderson   January 14, 1985
Philip Sanderson Hayman   September 14, 1993

// End of Chapman - Pattie Bible


           Entries are hand-written on two blank sheets of paper. The entries down to the asterisk * all seem to be in the same hand and the owner writes "It is possible that this page and the second page down to * came from the Edward Chapman - Lucinda Ayerst Bible."


// First Page


Edward Chapman to
Lucinda Ayerst - 17th day
of Sept 1862.

Alfred Ambrose Chapman to
Allice Hawkins on Dec 2nd 1880

Thomas Morton Chapman to
Mamie Mason on
1st of January 1889.

Lucinda Chapman to Jas Wilson Nov 15th 1889

Alfred Ambrose Born Sep 13th 1863
Benjamin Edward -   Mar 21st 1865
Charles Herbert - Mar 16th 1867
Thomas Morton - Aug 3rd 1869

Edward Chapman Died July 3rd 1885
   age 49 years and 7 months [this small and in different hand]
Lucinda --  Wilson -- -- 21st 1893
age 47 years 2 months & 20 days.
Benjamin Edward Dec 15th 1887
Alfred Ambrose Dec 29th 1911

// End of First Page

//Second Page

Benjamin Edwards age
22 years 8 months & 25 days
Alfred Ambrose age
48 years 3 months & 16 days
Charles Herbert Chapman
Elizabeth Glover Chapman
married by Rev. A.A. Scott
    July 29th 1891  [see Chapman-Pattie Bible above]
Charles Herbert Chapman
died October 28th 1918.

Edward Pattie Chapman
Beatrice May Sanderson
married November 22nd 1919.
Edward Pattie Chapman
died August 25th 1920.
Barbara Annette Pattie Chapman
daughter of Edward & Beatrice Chapman
Born May 20th 1920.

// End of Second Page
// End of second Chapman Bible
// End of this file

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