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Transcribed by Charles Dobie

           This is a transcript of an autograph book in the Dawson KERR collection in the Perth Museum. Dawson KERR, was a long-time pharmacist in the town of Perth, ON. Included in the collection are many military items which are mementoes of his service with the Canadian Army in World War 1.

           Most names and addresses occupy one or even two pages, being written quite large, and often accompanied by a poem or sentimental quotation (all of which are omitted here). Most of the listed men give addresses in eastern Ontario or Quebec, and all but two list their birth dates.

           The names are transcribed in the order found in the book. Surnames are in bold UPPER CASE. Explanatory notes are in [brackets]. Names are followed by a notation in (parens) which seems to have been added afterwards by Dawson Kerr.

3056523 Pte DC KERR
2nd Battalion
June 2/18               [signature] Lieut. Col. T.R. CALDWELL
"D" Co. 6th Reserve
This is the nominal roll
of old Hut 30, Seaforth Camp
Sussex. Eng. from Mar. 4
to June 2, 1918. In memory
of our many good times together
and in hope of meeting again
we trace our names.
Corp. Lee HAMILTON #124126
Shedden Ontario
Arthur JOHNSTON #3055220
RR#2 Spencerville, Ont.
Born May 14, 1897 (2nd. Batt. France)
Pte. John W. HOLDEN #3056498
RR#1 West Huntingdon, Ont.
Born Nov. 30, 1895 (21st Bn.)
Pte. E. J. KERR #3055581
Bancroft, Ont.
Born Jan. 17, 1894 (21st Bn.)
Pte. N. G. HARLEY #542392
Edinbugh, Scotland
Born July 9, 1900
[and on same page]
Can. Command
Pte. Fred GRAHAM #3055203
Lakefield, Ont.
Born Jan. 19, 1897 (P.P.C.L.I.)
Pte. Daniel P. HURLEY [or HARLEY] #3056648
42 Ste. Andrew St. Brockville, Ont.
Born Sept. 25, 1895 (P.P.C.L.I.)
Pte. J. T.(?) HART #3056463
Madoc, Ont.
Born March 25, 1897 (21st. Bn.)
Pte. Jas. LOVE #3055937
Clyde Forks, Ont.
Born April 3, 1889 (P.P.C.L.I.)
Pte. W. J. HAMILTON #3055403
499 McDonnel St., Peterboro, Ont.
Born April 5, 1896 (Hospital)
Pte. Robert W. HUTT #3056647
34 Abbott St., Brockville, Ont.
Born Jan 15, 1896 (P.P.C.L.I.)
Pte. Clinton HUNTER #3055733
Kinmount, Ont.
Born August 8, 1893 (21st Bn.)
Pte. Dan. GARDINER #3056076
Glenarm, Ont.
Born Dec. 10, 1888 (21st Bn.)
Pte. G. E. LINDBLAD #3055228
122 Beech St., Ottawa, Ont.
Born July 9 1897, Sweden (2nd. Bn.)
Pte. Alfred K. GREEN #3056193
Chalk River, Ont.
Born Nov. 30, 1884 (21st Bn.)
Pte. J. KELLY #3056129
153 Maria St., Peterborough, Ont.
Born June 5, 1884 (Seaford)
Pte. Samuel Henry HARRIS #3055049
507a Colonial Ave., Montreal, Que.
Born August 25, 1891 (21st Bn.)
Pte. Stanley KRING #3056386
Plevna, Ont. [crossed out]
Dalhousie Lake [in Dalhousie Twp., Lanark County]
Born Aug. 7, 1894 (2nd. Bn.)
Sgt. J. WILLIAMS #123861
St. Thomas, Ont.
Born Feb. 12, 1889 (21st Bn.)
Pte. A. E. GRAHAM #3055574
Lakefield, Ont.
Born June 17, 1894 (P.P.C.L.I.)
Pte. R. H. GRIMSHAW #2003662
247 Victoria St., Kingston, Ont.
Born April 8, 1898 (P.P.C.L.I.)
Pte. W. HOLT #3055840
Darlington Station, Ont.
[Born] May 27th, 1890
Pte. W. LOCKWOOD #3055242
Denbigh, Ont.
Born July 12, 1897 (CCD)
Pte. A. J. LITTLE #3055675
Brownton P.O., Peterboro, Ont.
Born April 23, 1892 (2nd Bn.)
Pte. Lawrence HANNAH #3056410
Donaldsons P.O., Ont.
Born March 21, 1892 (Hospital)
J. F. KENNEDY #3056019
125 Turner St., Ottawa
Born Nov. 9, 1888 (21st Bn.)
G. A. JOHNSTON #3056501
Napanee, Ont.
Born July 18, 1887 (Hospital)
Jamie HODJS [best guess] #3055806
Trenton, Ont.
March(?) 20, 1881 (Seaford)
Cecil HOPKINS #3056497
126a Marylebones(?) Rd., London, Eng.
Born Oct. 14, 1892 (HMS Navy)
[end of book]

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