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An original of this printed broadsheet is in the
Perth Museum, Perth, Ont.


We the undersigned Blacksmiths of the district have
arranged a new schedule for horseshoeing to take
affect (sic) on and after the 15th day of Nov. 1912.
  New Shoes No. 0, 1, 2 at 25c per shoe
  New Shoes No. 3 & 4s at 30c per shoe
  New Shoes No. 5 & up at 35c per shoe
  Resetting Shoes No. 0, 1, 2 at 15c per shoe
  Resetting Shoes No. 3 & up 20c per shoe
      and 75c per set of 4
  Bar Shoe 50c per shoe
  Resetting Bar Shoes 25c each

    WM. HAW, Perth            A. BUCHANAN, Playfair
    P. FURLONG, Perth         M. McINTYRE, Elphin
    J.H. McMILLAN, Perth      J. WILSON, McDonald's
    M.P. WHITE, Perth         S. McILRAITH, Lanark
    J. ALLAN, Scotch Line     N. AFFLECK, Lanark
    WM. DeWITT, Eliott        J. GALLINGER, Lanark
    JAMES CONLON, Glen Tay    A. CRAIG, Middleville
    WM. NOONAN, Balderson     R. SOMERVILLE,
    A. SHEPPARD,              T. MOLYNEAUX, Hopetown
          Ferguson's Falls
    BRUCE EDWARDS,            J. LABELLE, Watson's
          Drummond Centre                 Corners
    A. LEIGHTON, Harper       W.J. WRATHALL, Poland
    J.L. CAMERON, Fallbrook   E.J. McFARLANE, Lavant