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From The
Perth Courier
July 28, 1905.


           This list was published in the Perth Expositor, July 26, 1905 and the Perth Courier, July 28, 1905. Comparison of the clipping from the Perth Expositor, and the microfilm of the Courier shows the same typographical errors and positioning of text, so the type must have been shared by the two newspapers. The names are listed here in the random order published.
Who Were Home To Perth's Reunion.
           Below we give a list of five hundred of those who registered in the Secretary's Book during the Old Boys Reunion, & the other 513 will appear next week.

R.J. Cherry, Lansing Mich.
Mary Hannah Cherry, Lansing, Mich.
Mrs. Amma [sic] Cherry, Lansing, Mich
William Thom, St. Helen's, Ont.
Mrs. Henry Patterson, White Church.
Mrs. Robert McGuire, St. Helen's.
Mrs. John Gillespie, White Church.
Alex. Purdon, White Church.
Wm. Purdon, White Church.
Robt. Miller, Chesley.
Mr. & Mrs. George McFarlane, Toronto.
Mrs. J.P. Strang, Winnipeg.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nicoll, Pittsburg.
Mrs. A.C. Miller, Brockville.
J.A. Cameron, Hot Springs.
Mr. & Mrs. G. Henderson, Edna & Olive Henderson, Lennox, Man.
Lizzie M. Walker, Markdale, Ont.
Mrs. A. Hagerman, Owen Sound.
Annie Hagerman, Owen Sound.
Albert J. Armstrong, Key West.
Mr. & Mrs. James Hanna, Toronto.
Mrs. Arthur Jackson, Gananoque.
Mrs. G. Gibbons, E.F., M.C. & Jim Gibbins [sic], Brockville.
James McEwen, Tiverton.
Robert Borrowman, Wyoming, Ont.
Mrs. & Miss Ida Barclay, Toronto.
J.H. Holmes, Orillia.
Mrs. John Singleton, Lyndhurst.
Thos. Mathews, Markdale.
Irne [sic] Mathews, Markdale.
A.G. Brown, Los Angelos [sic].
Mrs. A.G. Brown, Los Angelos [sic].
J.H. Wilson, Little Valley, N.Y.
John Wilson, Gowonda, N.Y.
George Hamilton, East Templeton, Que.
Fred Ward, Grenville, Mich.
Mrs. F. Ward, Grenville, Mich.
John McLean, Beachburg.
E.P. Ryan, Winnipeg.
J. Sutherland, Winnipeg.
W.W. Burke, Tacoma, Neb.
Wm. McLeod, Schoolcraft, Mich.
John Bunting, Westcousin, Wis.
Miss Sadie Bunting, Westcousin, Wis.
Herbert M. Taylor, Vancouver.
Geo. W. Lester, Montreal.
Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Bisnaw, Boston.
Mrs. Youngson, Montreal.
Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Strong, Gorrie.
B.S. Snyder, Carleton Place.
Jennie Moore, Ottawa.
Mrs. C.J. & William Suffron, Ottawa.
Mrs. Wm. Smith, Ottawa.
W.G. McMullen, Los Angeles.
Mrs. Geo. Lemon, Lonsboro, Ont.
A.E. Lyttle, Cobden.
Mrs. J.R. Beal, Pembroke.
Mrs. Chas. Mayberry, Montreal.
Mrs. Jas. Kennedy, Montreal.
J.G. Walker, Tiverton.
Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Rawlins, Copper Cliff.
Wm Fraser, East Templeton.
Mary Davis, Toronto.
A. Caldwell, Underwood.
George Templeton, Calgary.
Mrs. T. Andrews, MacLeod.
J.C. Scott, Winnipeg.
Mrs. J.C. Scott, Winnipeg.
John Thornton, Sowerby, Algoma.
Ella Thornton, Sowerby, Algoma.
Sarah Sergent, Toronto.
Dan. Holly, North Bay.
Metta Fraser, Ottawa.
Harry Fraser, Ottawa.
Mamie Laurie, Ottawa.
Andrew Baird, Cape Vicent. [sic]
John & Robert Caldwell, Paisley.
Pat. McHugh, Sudbury.
James Farnel, Beachborogh.
A.K. Schmidt, Pembroke.
Mrs. James McCrea, Renfrew.
G.L. Stone, Rapid City, Man.
J.H. Barlow, Neepawa.
Mrs. C.F. Burrows, Swan Lake.
H.A. Dunn, Brockville.
Susan Henderson, Orillia.
Mrs. B. Rogers, Caldwells Mills.
J.L. Allan, Neepawa.
J.H. Cameron, Winnipeg.
Harry Rae, Beachburg.
Mrs. Matthew Carmichal, Underwood, Bruce Co.
Mrs. A. McDonald, Douglas.
James Turpin, Toronto.
Walter Turpin, Toronto.
Margaret Miller, Toronto.
Mrs. Griffith, Brantford.
Mrs. Bishop, Brantford.
Mrs. W.W. Howe, Worcester, Mass.
Consitt W. Howe, Worcester.
Mr. & Mrs. T. Hendry, Brantford.
Robert Halliday, Chesley.
J.P. Gould, Finch.
Carrie Hendry, Ottawa.
N.E. Jamieson, Renfrew.
Robt. I. Philip & wife, Renfrew.
Mrs. Geo. F., Charlotte & Gertrude Mallory, Duluth.
M. Stanley, Rugby, Eng.
Annie Stanley, New York City.
W. Anderson, Whitby.
Mrs. S. Moorhead, Manitou, Man.
Mrs. D. Campbell, Ottawa.
Mrs. W. Farrell, Midland.
W. Farrell, Midland.
Mrs. Roderick Smith, Duluth.
Roderick Smith, Duluth.
S.E. Crawford, Montreal.
Mrs. S.E. Crawford, Montreal.
Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Lowe, Ottawa.
Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Shaver, Finch.
A.L. Roman, Montreal.
Mrs. A. Hendry, Ottawa.
Chas. Hendry, Ottawa.
George Buffan [sic], Eganville.
Mrs. B. McLachlan, Port Elgin.
Mrs. Jas. McIlquham, Carleton Place.
Mrs. Fred Weegar & children, North Bay.
J.N. Gould, Guelph.
Charles Reeves, Guelph.
Mrs. W.H. Lymburn, Ogdensburg.
Mr. T.J. Cassidy, Frelighsburg.
Miss Ruby Cassidy, Frelighsburg.
Jane Forgie, Smith's Falls.
John Webster, Brockville.
Mr. & Mrs. D. McLean, Johnstown, N.Y.
Mr. & Mrs. Arch. McNee, Windsor.
Mrs. R.W. & Ethel Peters, Hintonburgh.
Jennette Robertson, Winnipeg.
F.A. Halliday, Hensel, N. Dak.
C. Meighen, Portage La Prairie.
F.G. Campbell, Montreal.
J. MacPherson, Kincardine.
Arthur Hughes, Dornock.
W. McLean, Toronto.
Peter Jackman, Cobourg.
A.S. Williams, Thorold.
John Williams, Lockport.
J.A. Scott, Guelph.
J.F. McLaren, Sinclair.
M. Carmichael, Undewood [sic].
Thos. Butler, Douglat [sic].
Mr. & Mrs. George Lister, Winnipeg.
John Rowatt, Brooklyn.
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Huddleston, Theresa, N.Y.
Mary, Josephine & A. Ferland, Mattawa.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baird, Cambridge, Mass.
Hugh Fraser, Stonewall, Man.
L.M. Botsford, Toronto.
Mrs. H.H. Stone, Oneeda.
Kenneth Stone, Oneeda.
Arthur Wilson, Montreal.
Mrs. John Mitchell, Myers Cave.
Mrs. J.A. Thompson, Almonte.
Mrs. J.Y. Farrell, Syracuse.
Wm. Hogg, Lanark.
J.D. Stewart, Rock Bank, Man.
M. & L. McCulloch, Brockville.
Wm. F. McCulloch, Newport.
George A. Williams, Newport.
A. McCulloch, Gilbertsville.
Miss Alice Gowner, Chicago.
Robt. Fisher, Oak Bank, Man.
Cora Hughes, Chicago.
Fred Devlin, Watertown.
Miss Lillian, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond, Toronto.
Mr. & Mrs. A. McAdam & Mrs. H. Allan, Almonte.
Mr. & Mrs. W.J. McAdam & Miss Ruth Kippen, Keewatin.
Fred Frizell, Montreal.
John Glossop, Galbraith.
Mrs. A. McFarlane, Toronto.
Lizzie Couch, Toronto.
John McDonagh, Montreal.
Lydia Adams Armstrong, Thorold.
Joshua Adams, Sarnia.
Mrs. T.A. Farrell, Brockville.
Mrs. John McDonald, Scotch Corners.
Mr. & Mrs. G.G. Publow, Kingston.
K. McIntryre, Port Huron.
Catharine McEwen, Tiverton.
Jas. Bath, Montreal.
E.T. Avison, Utica, N.Y.
Ruth Kippen, Kewatin.
J.C. McLean, Beachburg.
Wm. Miller, Paisley.
E. Miller, N. York.
Jno W. Renalds, S. Lake.
C.B. Miller, Almonte.
G.H. Gilbert, Almonte.
M. Patterson, Almonte.
N.M. Riddell, Carleton Place.
R. Riddell, Carleton Place.
Wm. Halliday, Chesley.
James McLeod, Almonte.
Charles Devlin, Pembroke.
John Jessop, Carleton Place.
Joseph Warren, Eganville.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. McArthur, Almonte.
Mrs. A. Sutherland, Ramsay.
David Sutherland, Dauphin, Man.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Heveron, St. George, Ont.
Evelyn McCann, Ottawa.
Mrs. C.J. Smith, Brockville.
Tillie Egan, Ottawa.
Maud McGregor, Smith's Falls.
Robert McLenaghan, Carleton Place.
Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Playfair, Montreal.
Mr. & Mrs. George McCulloch, Brockville.
Sam. Farmer, Arnprior.
Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Bates, Watertown.
Mrs. G. Letany, Renfrew.
Nellie Byrne, Renfrew.
Mrs. W.M. Cameron, Carleton Place.
Mrs. John Elliott, Pakenham.
Mary McGowan, Montreal.
Lizzie Noonan, Utica, N.Y.
Esther Retzer, Utica, N.Y.
Mrs. Margaret Webster, Montreal.
Katy McKian, Prescott.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Finlayson, Broadview, Assa.
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Castle, Westport.
Robert Yuill, Almonte.
Geo. Cunningham, C. Place.
Mr. & Mrs. P. Broughan Smith's Falls.
C.H. Miller, Montreal.
A.B. McLean, S. Falls.
James McLean, Douglas.
James Walsh, Osceola.
Mrs. A. Robinson, Almonte.
John E. Weeks, Montreal.
W.A. Farmer, Montreal.
Mrs. T.N. Miller, Toronto.
James Munro, Cobden.
Mary McKinley, Keewatin.
R.R. Foster, Smith's Falls.
Mr. & Mrs. W. Sanderson, Wroxeter.
Wm. J. Buffam, Mittineaque, Mass.
H.W. Buffam, Mittineaque, Mass.
Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Bath, Brockville.
Mrs. M.B. Malcolm, Pembroke.
Jasper Farrell, Seattle, Wash.
Ida Livingstone, Beachburg.
Susana Byce, Fouster's Falls.
Mrs. W.H. Buffam, Mittineague.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Gould, Haley's.
Jas. H. McKerracher, Arnprior.
W.J. Roberts, St. Catharines.
Bessie Foote, Rochester.
Mable Rouff, Rochester.
Mrs. Ed. T. Connelly, Chicago.
Wm. & Hattie Willwood, Wingham.
Chas. Hamilton, Toronto.
John McKeown, Vasey.
Pat Kehoe, Chatham.
Mat. Drysdale, Peterboro.
Geo. H. Doherty, Summerland, B.C.
Mrs. Stewart, Kingston.
M.A. Ferrier, Kingston.
H. Douff, Kingston.
T.E. Watts, Toronto.
Harriett Sanderson, Woodstock.
Mrs. C. Huxtable, Lawrenceville.
J.R. Doherty, Carleton Place.
N.G. Anderson, Toronto.
Mrs. R.D. Moodie, Superior, Wis.
Mrs. W. Wastell, Superior, Wis.
Elwood James, Maberly.
W.W. Thornton, Dresden.
John Riley, Oso Station.
A.W. Thornton, Chatham.
W.R. Thornton, Petrolea.
Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Bateman, Kingston.
M. Cunningham, Watson's Crs.
M.L. Letherham, Kingston.
A. Berlangette, Toronto.
R., M.O., Robina & Arthur Templeton, Belleville.
Mrs. Scott, Morton.
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Donnelly, Sharbot Lake.
Mr. & Mrs. T.R. White, Almonte.
W.A. Anderson, Toronto.
Hazel James, Chatham.
Laura Avison, Utica, N.Y.
Mrs. & Mrs. Isaac Allan, Mississippi Station.
R.J. Henderson, Oso Station.
Mrs. D. Casey, Montreal.
Mrs. Sinclair, C. Place.
Mr. & Mrs. A. Lester, Toronto.
H. Stewart, Calgary.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Noonan, Pakenham.
Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Mooney, Pakenham.
Wm. Noonan, Pakenham.
Hy. & Roy James, Kemptville.
Mr. & Mrs. G. Farnell, Beachburg.
Maggie & Joseph Farnell, Beachburg.
Geo. Badour, Montreal.
Wm. Weatherhead, Cape Chin.
James Ferres, Montreal.
Mrs. R. Miller, Montreal.
Wm. Allan, Brockville.
Mrs. A.M. Grey, Almonte.
Eleanor M. Grey, Almonte.
W.J. Allan, Snow Road.
E.E. Church, Ottawa.
A. McMurchy, North Bay.
Mr. & Mrs. G.J. Oliver, Copper Cliff.
Mrs. Jas. McIlraith, Hopetown.
Joseph Badour
Mrs. H. K. Lee, Montreal.
Geo. A. Weeks, Weston.
Arthur Publow, Kingston.
Mrs. John Herron, Herron's Mills.
Christina M. Miller, Outremont.
Harold, Ettie & Mrs. McCarthy, Ottawa.
Miss A.M. Hicks, Ottawa.
Charlotte Scott, Owen Sound.
Mrs. James Patterson, Winnipeg.
M.E.C. Bower, Montreal.
Mrs. Josie Ransom, Syracuse.
J.B. McIntyre, Medicine Hat.
J.R. Beal, Pembroke.
Mrs. Wm. M. McKay, North Gower.
Annie Kerr, Kars, Ont.
Mrs. M.E. McCormack, Turndale, Cal.
Mrs. John H. Black, Watertown.
Mrs. Primeau, Peterboro.
Mrs. R. Elliott, Lacombe, Alta.
H.G. Thompson, Parry Sound.
J.R. Drummond, Kingston.
H.L. Jackson, Portland, Oregon.
Mr. & Mrs. T.C. Donnelly, Dobbie, Wis.
James Ignatis, Dobbie, Wis.
Mr. & Mrs. B. Hartenay, Eganville.
E. McCrea, Renfrew.
Mr. & Mrs. C. McDonagh, London.
Olive Allan, Botineau, N.D.
Mrs. H.I. Fraser, Toronto.
Eva McKenzie, Smith's Falls.
Mrs. W.A. Elliott, Pakenham.
Mrs. A.E. Ferguson, Toronto.
Mrs. J. Black, Appleton.
Andrew Armand, Arnprior.
Mrs. Andrew Armand, Arnprior.
Miss Mitchell, North Gower.
Robert Orr, Stafford, Ont.
J.M. Adams, Harrisville, N.Y.
Ardena Paul, Lanark.
Mina Whelan, Carleton Place.
Mrs. W.H. James, Chatham.
Annie McGillivray, Montreal.
F.E.M.F. Allan, Kingston.
Bothwell Avison, Utica, N.Y.
Lloyd James, Boston, Mass.
Katie Wright, Kingston.
Anna M. Wright, Springfield, Mo.
Eleanor Wright, Springfield, Mo.
Mrs. Geo. A. Reilly, Ottawa.
Jno. Reilly, Ottawa.
Miss M.E. Moodie, Fall River, Mass.
Mrs. C.H. Hicks, Columbus, Ohio.
Phyllis Berford, Renfrew.
James Porritt, Almonte.
Lizzie Castle, Westport.
Lettie Pitcher, Montreal.
Thos. Ryan, Winnipeg.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Duffy, S. Lake.
J.G. Forgie, Pembroke.
Mrs. T. Perkins, Toronto.
Mr. & Mrs. Jas. McCallum, Montreal.
Isobel McCallum, Montreal.
Adelaide Sam, Toronto.
Willie Sam, Toronto.
Geo. Buffam, Eganville.
Mervyn Code, Brockville.
James Patterson, Winnipeg.
Jas. A. Rutherford, Peterboro'.
G.A. McGregor, Pakenham.
Mrs. Jas. Badour, Burridge.
Mrs. Chas. Sullivan, Buffalo.
Mrs. A.J. Currie, Arnprior.
Sadie A. Brown, Ottawa.
Jessie A. Potter, Cornwall.