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Mostly Photographs

LCGS IS ALWAYS LOOKINGfor Lanark related Photographs

Suggestions and corrections are always welcome.

Most of these photos were submitted by website users.

Isaac Andrew Buchanan & Mary Rose (Ferguson) Buchanan

From Michael Sloboda

Photo of his Grandparents taken in a Perth On studio on December 12, 1899

Photos of Jas. Townend & Isabella A. Gilmour From Lynne Crosskill

Photo of her Great Grandfather Jas. Townend with his wife & daughter taken in Almonte in 1934 Photos of Bert Craig

Bert Craig

From Joe Craig

Photo of his grandfather Bert Craig with his cousin

Photo of Henry Kehoe

Henry Kehoe
From Dianne Lawrence

Photo of her great-grandfather Henry Kehoe

Photo of Old Home Week, in Perth 1948

Old Home Week 1948
From Dan Lee
Photo of his grandfather Constable Dan Lee, left

Photo of Clementina and Margaret Bell

Clementina and Margaret Bell
From the Perth Museum archives.
Photo seems to have been taken in Chicago or Atlanta. A short history of these women's family has been added byMalcolm Sissons.

Rev. William Bell and Mary Black

Rev. William Bell and Mary Black From the Perth Museum.
Includes a short biography byRupert Speyer.

George Bond

George Bond Two photos submitted byRobert T. Bond.

Robert Craig and Isabella Gilchrist

Robert Craig Robert Craig and Isabella Gilchrist settled near Hopetown in 1821.
Submitted byJudy Woodley.

Photos from the Foley Bible

Foley Bible Photos Submitted by Charles Dobie.
Photos and a pew ticket found in the Foley family Bible.

John Johnston and Janet McLaren

John Johnston and Janet McLaren Submitted by Erin Waters.
Includes extensive family history.

 Lanark Village Scene

Child in Lanark Village photo Submitted by Dave Hornell.
Photo is of George St., Lanark Village, c. 1900, looking north.

Margaret and Theophile Larocque

Margaret and Theophile Larocque Submitted by Michelle Skarazinskas. Photo probably taken before 1889. Short bio includes surnames CALDWELL, ECHLIN, KEATING, LAROCQUE, WHITE.

Orange Hall, Prospect, c.1920

Detail from Orange Hall photo Submitted by Bill Mains. Group photo with a few men identified. Surnames include: FEATHERSTON, GARLAND, MAINS.

Perth Junior Hockey Team, 1935 - 1936

Perth Junior Hockey Team

George Goodson Pretty and Agnes Bellamy

George Goodson Pretty and Agnes Bellamy
Submitted byMarty Pickard (Ter Marsch). Scanned from a small locket and thus pretty rough.

Robertson/Watchorn/Jensen Photos

Robertson-Watchorn-Jensen Photos Six photos submitted by Joan Troemner taken between 1877 and c. 1905 in Almonte, Ont. Surnames in descriptive text include: CHRISTENSEN, JENSEN, ROBERTSON, RODGER, TAYLOR, WATCHORN. Included is Joan's article The Family Story of Joseph Jensen", from the May, 1998 LCGS newsletter.

Henry Roe

Henry Roe Submitted by Bill Roe
Photo taken before 1905. Who are the two men with him?

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Choir, 1911

Member of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Choir
Included in the Perth Museum's display "Expressions of Faith".
Can you identify any of the people in this photo? THE ROBERT J. STEAD PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION

Contributed by Del Dunlop

Detail of scene of downtown Lanark Village Del Dunlop says about these photographs ". . . . when I was 7 years old (1938), I went with my mother's uncle John Stead of Lanark Village to the Gemmill farm where Sylvanus Gemmill had just died. The contents of the house were being discarded. The bulk of the material were old newspapers and journals. The newspapers were most likely the earliest Lampton Observer (?) which had been sent home by an earlier Gemmill. At the age of seven I was outraged that everything was to be burned. We did manage to get a box of negatives which could only be Robert Stead's archives. There were many, many boxes of negatives . . . ."

The laser printer copies from which these images were taken, have been given to the Lanark and District Museum, Lanark Village.

 Charles Stone Family

Charles Stone Family

Photo from the Perth Museum archives. Charles Stone was at one time publisher of the Perth Expositor. Can anyone properly identify the people in this photo?

Timothy and Hanora Sullivan

Timothy and Hanora Sullivan
Submitted by Rita Meistrell.
Timothy was born in Ferguson Falls, 1828.

Alfred Therien

Alfred Therien
Submitted by Ken Wright. Photo taken c.1910 in Almonte.
Short bio includes surnames BLAIS, BOLTON, BYRNE.

Work Crew on Highway 7, circa 1930.

Work Crew on Highway 7, circa 1930
Can anyone identify the men in this photograph?


The Drysdale Photographs.

The Lindsay Photographs
Does anyone have knowledge of the people in these photographs?


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