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Child standing in street, Lanark Village
Dave Hornell describes this photo thus:

"The wee girl is standing directly in front of what is now (was in 1991) Don Drysdale's store across from where I believe the "new" post office is. She's probably 250' south of the olde towne hall. The store with the awning (upper right of photo) is on the current site of LCBO store (It was E.C. Pace's until 1945, then my father's store until the fire of '59). The town hall is obscured by the brick building south of "pop's" store. It used to be Charlton's grocery in the 1940's. For what it's worth, the store on the left with the large sign painted on the wall (just past the intersection) was Mel Lee's hardware until 1959."
Submitted by Dave Hornell