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Charles Stone Family
Charles Stone (seated right) was at one time publisher of the Perth Expositor. The little girl is Doris. Other sons include Russell E. and Jack. This is one of several Stone family photographs purchased from a Perth-area antique dealer, and the above names were written on the backs of one or more of them. The 1901 census of the Town of Perth, lists the following members of this family : Charles (father) born 14 Jan., 1869; Mary M. (mother) born 17 Dec., 1872; Harold C. (school) born 3 March, 1891; Robert Everet, born 27 Jan., 1896; Russell, born 27 Jan. 1898 and Frank Alvan, born 11 July, 1900. From this information, the photo seems to have been taken 1910 - 1912.

Photo from the Perth Museum archives.

 Another photo taken at the same time can be found on Charles Dobie's history website